10 weeks of life in Hong Kong with Lucy

The Experior Asia team recently caught up with one of our newest teachers, Lucy, to find out how she was settling into life in Hong Kong.

Finding your feet in a new city far away from home can be a big adjustment! Checking in with our teachers regularly is key to ensure they are happy in their new environment. Most of our teachers get settled within the first few weeks of arriving in Hong Kong, and eventually… they never want to leave!

Check out what Lucy’s first impressions of Hong Kong were in the questions below…

How long have you been in Hong Kong?

10 weeks

What were your first impressions of Hong Kong when you arrived?

I arrived in August, and my first impressions were that it was HOT & HUMID! The humidity cools down a lot though by September and summer lasts forever.

What surprised you the most when you moved to Hong Kong?

When I first arrived, I was surprised by how busy the city was (especially Mong Kok!). But, I got used to the crowds very quickly.

I was also surprised by how much there was to do here in your spare time – so many bars/restaurants, beaches, and parks.

How did you end up searching for a teaching role in Hong Kong? 

I always knew I wanted to travel and teaching abroad seemed like a fun way to achieve this. I did some research and came across Experior Asia. They were super helpful from the get go and helped me find a role really quickly.

What is your teaching role in Hong Kong? (Age group, type of school, day to day duties)

I am a Native English Teacher in an international kindergarten. I teach the Pre-Nursery class (2-3 year olds) every weekday morning and my afternoons are spent doing lesson prep and other admin. I have a lot of support from the Chinese teachers in the classroom and we all share the workload.

How do you commute to work every day?

I get the MTR (the underground). It is so easy and cheap, and only takes me around 25 minutes. I actually prefer it to the London Underground.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy watching the kids grow & learn, knowing that I had a part in that. It is so rewarding! You really build a relationship with the children and it is so nice to see that you are a positive influence in their life.

What are some of your highlights (favourite moments/activities) over the time you have been in Hong Kong?

Junk Boats! They are super popular here among expats. You hire a boat for the day/night and go out drinking, swimming, and sunbathing.

Spending my days off exploring, particularly the beaches (there are so many to choose from).

What are some things you are looking forward to in Hong Kong?

Now that quarantine has lifted, I am so excited to explore places nearby. Hong Kong is in the perfect location to travel to other Asian countries. It is so close to Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and so many other places.

Lastly… how would you describe Hong Kong in 3 words?

Exciting. Diverse. Fun.

To stay up to date with our Experior Asia teachers and life in Hong Kong, keep an eye out for our next blog post!